Monday, 26 March 2012

Week twelve project

This is finished and will be revealed later in the week!
Here is a pic of my craft cupboard mid project

Well, the cat was happy...
Jessica making the most of the space in the cupboard

A sneaky peak of the project

And... a nice tidy cupboard!

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  1. What a fantastic cupboard, I spy lovely Cath Kidston telco bags x

  2. think it just corrected tesco to telco!

  3. The flower (brooch?)you are making is really lovely and will make a wonderful gift. I am still very envious of your beautiful craft cupboard - messy or tidy, particularly as it has a gorgeous cat in it!! Looking forward to Friday's celebrations. Kerry xx

  4. The before and after pictures of your craft closet is amazing! But where did you put the kitty? lol waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  5. Oh my... I am SUPER jealous of your cupboard full of... Well everything....! So many gorgeous colours and goodies. I would love to have a good rummage in there, what a fantastic stash of fabrics... *Swoon* !

    Louise xx

  6. Sorry couldn't comment last week and forgot to come back! Love your messy cupboard and the lodger cat that often called in (and stays) love my wardrobe too, will sneak in there and hide!! Happy late woyww


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